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Dying Light 2 Stay Human erscheint im February

The final chapter, Dying 2 No, is packed with exciting new details Nintendo Connect

Co-op system, console comparisons and the brand new Kamble – Decland announces the final installment of Dying 2 No Two today Dying Light 2 Stay Human Published.

Today’s episode is entirely dedicated to Techland fans. In this final D2K episode hosted by Jonah Scott and Streamer Leah, who have been at the forefront of the dying light world for the past few months, the Deckland community answers one of the most frequently asked questions: “Will there be a go-off?”

The answer is yes! With a brief explanation of how it works and a video presentation of the 4-person co-op mode, Techland showed another awesome feature of the game.

When Dying Light 2 Stay HumanLast year’s preview events gave media representatives around the world the opportunity to test the game on PCs and consoles. The first recordings of the preview were fantastic, but this episode gave players a glimpse of how Kampley differs on the platforms. PlayStation 4, Xbox One X, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X – these are all there. Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch version does not compare graphically.

Developers at Techland say they have worked hard over the past few years to provide the best gaming experience possible. In this episode you had a few words to address the Dying Light community because the last six years have been a wonderful journey for everyone.

In the sixth episode of D2K, players will learn more about the UGC match that was first announced in the first episode. Along with special guest Cosplayer Irina Meyer, the Deckland Arbitration Board will select the winners of the competition. Congratulations to all Techland participants! As a bonus, there is once again a free banshee comic at Techland’s community center TechlandGG.

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Who are ready in the big open world Dying Light 2 Stay Human Watch the new Kamble trailer here: Aidan’s story begins here!

World debut Dying Light 2 Stay Human Will be back soon, so fans should make sure not to miss the episode of Dying 2 No series (all episodes) Here Accessible). If you want to learn more, you can too Here See more episodes of exclusive interview design and learn more about Dying 2.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human, Posted by Decland, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | Released on February 4, 2022 for the S and Nintendo Switch (Cloud Edition).

Pre-orders are over Possibility. All pre-orders include the exclusive Digital Reload Bag and Reach for the Sky Bag, as well as unique clothing, weapons, backpacks and paraglider skins. The Reach for the Skyback was co-produced with Rosario Dawson (The Montalorian, Sin City), who played the lead role of Lavan, who was associated with the main protagonist Aiden during his journey.