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Nintendo Switch: Update now allows the use of Bluetooth headphones

Nintendo Switch: Update now allows the use of Bluetooth headphones

After updating to version 13.0.0, the Nintendo Switch can now be used on Bluetooth headphones as well. For some gamers, this functionality comes too late – the console has been in its first version since 2017 and some people have longed for this option.

The new update now not only allows wireless listening, but also changes the WLAN app called Wait or Sleep Mode. This functional change can reduce annoying update pauses before the start of the game.

As Nintendo explainsOnly two wireless controllers can be connected to the switch to use Bluetooth headphones. Coupling through computer systems was started manually.

If players want the console to be idle during game breaks, the standby function can now be used differently. This way instead of using the internet connection from time to time, it can remain active. New updates will then be downloaded on hold. The function is activated by default. If you want to have an energy saving internet connection, you should intervene after the upgrade.

Another menu item allows dock updates through the LAN port and the calibration of the controllers has been slightly changed. 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz – You can also see which frequency band the console uses.


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