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Nintendo Switch: The supposed new model with OLED displays from Samsung

Nintendo Switch: The supposed new model with OLED displays from Samsung

According to a report by Nintendo Bloomberg, one has ordered the production of a new version of the Samsung Switch LED display. The panels should be 720p resolution of the current switch versions accordingly. Production of the 7-inch panels should begin in June. Samsung and Nintendo did not confirm this statement. The

Despite President Shuntaro Furukawa’s recent rejection of an immediate announcement – it is an open secret that Nintendo has announced that it is working on a new switch. The advantages of the new switch include an improved processor and larger displays with slim edges. According to a Bloomberg report On Samsung panel new LED screens the switch is actually higher than the current display and switch light.

They are, however, not much resolution according to Bloomberg sources: the OLED panel from Samsung to be at a 720p accuracy. Earlier, it was rumored that the new switch would potentially be equipped with a 1080p display thanks to the robust hardware.

Despite the constant resolution, an OLED display switch has definite and visible advantages. In contrast to the LED panels better than the IPS panel, the console switch should be configured so far. In addition, OLED displays often have better response times, which can be especially noticeable in video games. Most OLED panels are larger than their LCD counterparts.

Nintendo’s switch, however, plays off the console in dock mode with the TV that is not only resolution of the internal display, but also the resolution. So far, the contents are shown up to 1080 on connected TV. According to Bloomberg, however, the upcoming version of the switch will be able to run more 4K content.

The switch sold outstanding: Other things benefited during the Nintendo Cororonakrise hybrid console, the release of “Animal Crossing: The New Horizon”. Overall, the switch terminals from Nintendo sold nearly 80 million copies.


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