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Nintendo Switch: The Best Free Console Games

Nintendo Switch: The Best Free Console Games

You may be looking at the Nintendo Switch, Lite version or the latest OLED that was released 5 years ago Find good free games. Contrary to what one might think, Nintendo has a comprehensive list of titles that can be downloaded at zero cents, to be exact, about 80. This will allow you to save some money while waiting for the next Pokemon Scorlet and Purple 60 euros or the much-anticipated Zelda Breath of the Wild 2.

I will not go into detail about the 85 free articles available here Nintendo eShop, In this article, we give you a small selection of all the games that are worthy of swiping your microSD cards without paying a single penny. (Note that Nintendo also offers frequently Free demos You can test the games before purchasing.)

Apps and Online Switch

Before you go to the games, do not forget that the switch allows you to watch your favorite videos and download apps for free, just like a smartphone: Pull, Web light And, most recently, Grunchirol. Unfortunately, Netflix is ​​not yet part of the game, but it’s already been watching for a few hours.

We will also think about the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service (one time payment). If you find a family offer of less than 5 per year, it is well worth a visit. List of retro games.

With the recent maintenance of applications dedicated to NES and SNES on the Nintendo Switch, five new retro games have emerged, including one of the most popular Mario games in licensing history. They are free with the Nintendo Switch online!

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Fort Knight and the Battle Royals

Of course, little darlingEpic games Do not miss the opportunity to come and settle in Nintendo Switch, the favorite family console for gamers. The removal of the construction mode has slightly restored the image of the BR, although there was no problem in filling its parts, there was a slight drop in arrival. With this renaissance that has become popular, both game modes are now one for everyone’s enjoyment.

Fortnite is not the only Battle Royale subdued by the charm of the hybrid console, as you can download Apex Legends and Paladins for free at any time. Of course, these are Free to play Offer in-game in-game purchases, but they do not have to be fun.

Free Pokemon Games

Game Freak: What would Nintendo be without Pokமொmon’s primary license? Of course, some copies from the Pocket Monster universe are currently available for free download. We first have Pokémon Unite, a Moba For the League of Legends, this is all about excellence and making it possible to introduce the genre to a good number of players.

If you like games that are a little less bloody and competitive, you can always indulge in Pokémon Café ReMix, which recently received the biggest content update.

Finally, let’s not forget the Pokemon Quest that was released a few years ago, but will still be useful. Unfortunately, the latter has not yet received the update to include organisms from other generations.

Super Kirby clash

If you are still interested in purchasing the latest Kirby and The Forgoten World, you can always find the pink ball with this fun title for free. Benefit? You can fight all the owners of the owned games Alone or with friends up to 4 players. Super Kirby Clash lets you combine the four unique characters you want to add to your Kirby team. Each character has different weapons and skills, so do not hesitate to change combinations to ensure success in all quests!

Here is a current list of all the bonus codes you can get and see in the forgotten world on Kirby and Nintendo Switch.

Rocket League and Sokopo GB Lite

Two different car games. One is to chase bad football with racing cars, and the other is the ultimate fantasy version of Mario Kart with a frenetic racing system and objects swinging on the ground.

Sky of light children

Definitely a heart-pounding little exploration game. Journey or Flower you know, the same developers behind Sky: Children of Light. You can discover the enchanting world of the sky alone or in the nest for free!

Special Notes

As we told you, we are not going to extend this list with more than 80 games available in eShop in the “Free” section. However, here are some of the little games we appreciated the most, and we advise you to check them out:

  • Color gen : A colorful puzzle game where you have to touch the right colors to complete a puzzle.
  • Trove: A kind of Minecraft,
  • Tetris 99: Royal version of the classic Tetris Battle with 99 players,
  • Warframe: A science fiction shooter.

Sports Station

While the free PS Plus games for April 2022 are disappointing, we decided to go to the PS Store’s free-to-play list to pick out the best games available for download now.