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Bowser and Tonking face off in a mash-up of a Nintendo fan

Bowser and Tonking face off in a mash-up of a Nintendo fan

From the columns of his personal Twitter profile, the digital artist known as Dunafate 1 was the last to be inspired Trailer Del Movie Godzilla Vs Kong Create an amazing mash-up between the monsters of the new Warner Bros. cinema blockbuster and the Nintendo characters of Bowser and Donkey Kong.

The crossroads between Warner’s new disaster movie and Legacy with Super Mario’s video game universe will not be destroyed by Dunafate 1Hilarious film It depicts the scene in anime style, recreated with the Nintendo duo Bowser e Donkey One of the most exciting moments of the latest Godzilla vs Kong movie.

The choice of these mash-up subjects will become more relevant, especially in the process of the merger between King Kong and Tanking. Shikeru MiyamotoEdgar Wallace and Marion C., in fact, worked to create Donking’s video game character. It is no secret that he was inspired by the monster created by Cooper: in 1984, even the great success of the original arcade game was pushed to the top by MCA Universal Take legal action Against Nintendo for theft. At trial, Kyoto managed the house Win the case Demonstrates how the intellectual property of the King Kong character has now become public domain and therefore used for free by other companies for business purposes.

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