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Nintendo Switch Sport (Nintendo Switch) - Preview

Nintendo Switch Sport (Nintendo Switch) – Preview

This is one of the biggest announcements for the first big Nintendo live (and one of the best of the E3) by 2022, and it was announced that the Nintendo Switch Sport will be out soon (late April). This game presents us as the spiritual heir of the Wii Sport, which is already available to everyone, bringing us the best-selling console of all time. But this time, there is no free game, we start at an opus for 60 euros, so it is necessary to make sure to give players an experience worth the diversion. At this point, exit (finally!) As the Mii and their designs are sad, make sure customization possibilities and find a way to create avatars that look like something. This is already good news. Like the Ring Fit Adventure, the game is sold in physics with a foot strap.

Many games like football that look like a big soft racquet league are announced and featured, and can be played by foot (via bar) or even volleyball, we can not wait to try. There have been some attempts recently to turn Wally Milk into a video game, and it is often bad. The last good release of this game is only on the Mario Sport Mix (Wii) or even further back, the Peach Spikers that are always at our heart in the GameCube. However, the presentation of this game did not arouse the enthusiasm of the editorial staff. As for football, as far as volleyball is concerned, these new games seemed soft and smooth, which makes the subject accessible, but clearly does not stimulate you to play. We are afraid of the Aperitif mini game that only plays once or twice. But fear does not avoid danger. And we will judge on paper when the game is on hand. Ah, and the last thing on the path of unavoidable bad news, Sacred Golf will not be available the first day, but will be available through the patch a few months after the game’s release. I know I’m just as shocked as you are by this flaw. I was busy picking up small pieces of my heart that had been hurt and betrayed by this announcement.

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A few weeks ago, during the Life Size Crash Test for everyone, we already had the opportunity to discover some games. A good idea that gave the game a generally positive feedback. We are pleased to invite you to play this new “success” of this hybrid console a little more, and we will give you a little more complete and detailed feedback. Expectations and our emotions, before the test to reach the limits of the game’s output.

We were given 6 games of the game. We were able to try them all. Each game will be played between 1 and 2 players (up to 4 in some) and will fill the bots with enough difficulty to adjust the player shortage. In all games, motion detection is solid and appropriate, which is great for holding the controller in hand (playing), especially when you are familiar with the first Wii Sport by name.

  • Volleyball: Very simple in its motion based game, the game is ultimately more fluid and faster than one would expect. Transactions are quick and very enjoyable and tactical and simple to handle (proof, Leah played and did nothing). Small disappointment all in all, the matches are only 5 points away, which may seem short. Similarly, only 2v2 is currently planned.
  • Badminton: Another new game in Opus, this game offers dynamic exchanges with tense games. Because it has already done badly, you get stuck in the game quickly, and it’s close in terms of emotion. We have the right feeling in hand, even if in the end the game is very simple, it is useful and sweet, and we get stuck in the game very quickly.
  • Sambara: This is the game that made us believe the most. This sword fight seemed confusing and almost uninteresting to me (I did not say that because it was the only game Lea won). He feels Aperitif Game Syndrome and we will test it once, but we will not recover. This is a game that anticipates movement and suddenly making a big knock will be an advantage over your opponent, the worst trick.
  • Bowling: Why change the successful recipe? The main game of the Wii game that has definitely changed the family TV of billions of evenings is back. If the online mode was able to provide an overview of Battle Royal mode, I was able to discover one of the new local options, with the possibility of playing all at the same time, which makes the game much more exciting. Reduces waiting time! In addition, other modes / options seem to be planned to add content, which will explode the already substantial duration of this primary game.
  • Tennis: Here too, a primary sport from the first part, there is no need to rediscover hot water. Tennis is still there and basically not much has changed. But, Joy-Khan seems to be at the center of the game with precision and tempo. If we start in knock mode, we can quickly see the ball take off the field.
  • Football: The last new game in this series, for now, offers 4 modes of play. We were able to test two of them: 4v4 and goal shooting. The 4v4 game offers a highly manageable Rocket League gameplay, which quickly brings different variants to the game. If this was a game that warmed us up too much, we finally got into the game, which is one of the good surprises of this opus. Goal mode listens to the shot leg strap and offers a mini leg lift tempo game. Simple but effective especially to keep everyone playing. Everyone can play with a strap or with a strap for everyone.
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Finally, we realize that this popular strap is only used for one mini game (shootout) in a game and the rest of the game can be played completely without this accessory. So the good news for those who want to buy at eShop is that the game is 90% playable without fixation on the foot, and even though the penalty shoot out game is good we will not miss much. Nintendo has promised to add a patch to the game’s release soon, but not necessarily, to make it compatible with 4v4 mode in football with this popular leg strap.

Technically, Opus is so cute. After all, the framerate is very fluid with no flaws, which is normal and promises to play the game. We salute once again, not really, the idea of ​​having to shoot the Mii and finally have avatars with a minimal face. What makes the game beautiful is the small scenery.

While the basic NT in this Nintendo Switch Sport announcement is very skeptical, once the controller gets in hand it becomes clear that this Opus agrees with everyone by becoming the spiritual and legitimate successor of the Wii game. Be careful, this is still a normal game, but it is very normal. There is one more game to add to the long list of successes coming from Nintendo’s hybrid console, which certainly will not stop imposing us again and again with good games.