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Nintendo Switch Pro release, specifications and more [Update] Nintendo Connect

Nintendo Switch Pro release, specifications and more [Update] Nintendo Connect

Update: Matthew Canterman, who was behind the Bloomberg report, commented on Twitter that the Nintendo Switch Pro was “PS4 Pro performance”, which is still running stubbornly in the rumor mill. He Confident He first re-issued the statements.

If you would like to learn more about the topic, we may recommend a new YouTube video from Super Metal Dave 64:

Original post from March 19: Bloomberg hat Behind closed doors Has published a new article in which the Nintendo Switch “Pro” revision is discussed again, which we talk about here from time to time. Since the article is not publicly known, we should be satisfied with the information we have Seen in Reddit To.

According to Bloomberg, the Nintendo Switch Pro, Super Switch – or whatever you want to call them – will be released in late 2021. In time for the Christmas business. Hardware sales should remain unchanged or increase slightly due to revision. Switch Pro has higher expectations than the PlayStation 4 Pro, which was able to sell two million units at the launch window. It could sell up to 12 million units in the first quarter (September to December).

According to the hardware forecast, they speculate that the EIA for the correction may be 20% higher than the current model. Heir to The Legend of Zelda: Wild Breath Be a strong candidate for appearing on the computer with some other topics. The performance of this revision is expected to be compatible with the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

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SuperMetalDave64 commented on the topic on its YouTube channel:

It remains to be seen what this information will be about and whether “Nintendo Switch Pro” will be strong enough to gain support like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in the future. While we have no doubt, we will classify this as a rumor until official information comes in from Nintendo. If you want to buy a Nintendo Switch, don’t wait … buy it and have fun! There are so many great games out there.