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Nintendo Switch Pre-Order Games – August 2021

New games are released every month Nintendo Switch. Although some times of the year are more relevant to the publication than others, we are lucky to enjoy the highly respected console desired by both gamers and development teams. Since June 2021, we offer you every month A quick review of the games on pre-order for next month, With links to get them.

As a reminder, the links provided on allow you to withdraw approximately 3% of the amount you pay. Thanks to this, we are able to maintain our servers and various services necessary for the proper functioning of the site. In addition, the competitions are mainly organized on our Twitter account. It should be noted that the switch-act is administered by an association. No editor or manager makes money, everything is used for the site. If you pre-order / purchase any game, accessories or accessories through our links, We thank you in advance !

Nintendo Switch August Pre-orders

Games released by Nintendo

No release in August 2021.

Games released by other studios

  • Falconier Warrior Edition – 5 August
  • In the Sound Mind Deluxe Edition – August 6
  • Genjion – August 6
  • Power Rangers: Battle for the stage – Super Edition – August 10
  • Besieged – August 12
  • Shadowverse Champion’s Battle – August 13
  • WitchSpring3 [Re:Fine] The story of Erudi – August 13
  • A version of King’s Bounty II Day – August 24
  • Kings Bounty II Limited Edition – 24 August
  • Heroes 3 – August 27
  • Star Renegades – August 27
  • Wrestler – August 31