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La FAQ officielle du Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack

Nintendo Switch Online Service has over 32 million members, the service will be upgraded and expanded

Nintendo confirms: More than 32 million members have subscribed to the Nintendo Switch online.

President Shundaro Furukawa made the remarks during the Financial Decisions Conference today. Furthermore, Furukawa will continue to upgrade the Nintendo Switch Online and Nintendo Switch Online + Extension Pack to provide consumer satisfaction services. “

The number of members subscribing to Nintendo Switch Online, a service for Nintendo Switch users, continues to grow as the hardware installation platform grows. It reached 32 million accounts in September 2021.

By improving the services, we have increased the chances for members to continue playing Nintendo Switch. These improvements include game trial events, which allow users to play a specific topic for a limited time, and add exclusive games for members.

Last month, we launched the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, a new membership program that adds content to an existing service.

In the future, we will strive to upgrade and improve the Nintendo Switch Online and Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack to provide customer satisfaction services.

Note: The number of paid subscriptions is the total number of users who have subscribed to the Nintendo Switch Online or Nintendo Switch Online + Extension Pack, which includes service through a family member (hence no personal fees).

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