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February Free Games for NES and SNES Available -

Nintendo Switch Online, new surprise game with today’s update –

Subscribers Nintendo Switch Online, Nintendo Switch’s online subscription service, available today New free game Surprisingly, this was not previously announced by Nintendo and comes with an update to the app dedicated to the service 5.4.0: it Super Mario Brothers 3 sp.

That’s one “Special” version Super Mario Brothers 3, therefore, follows similar efforts seen earlier to other topics on the list that subscribers can download for free. SP between a particular version of Super Mario Brothers 3 “Special Edition”, which allows a simpler approach to the most challenging game according to the tradition for NES titles.

Super Mario Bros. 3 SP is the famous “special” version of the classic

With Super Mario Brothers 3SP you can start directly from the eight levels or final “Dark Land” of the game. And you can keep them Various objects Available from the beginning and you can choose which pants to use with comparative special power.

In short, this is not really a new game, but a special edition of Super Mario Bros. 3 is already on the table, which is surprisingly appreciated anyway, considering there are no new games for this month NES For subscribers to download.

As we have seen, July 2021’s new free games for Nintendo Switch online subscribers are all for SNES, not star titles like Clemates, Jelly Boy and Snake.

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