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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, il logo di Nintendo Switch nel trailer del nuovo DLC era solo un errore, dice Bandai Namco

Nintendo Switch logo on new DLC trailer says Dragon Paul Z Gagarot is a mistake

A few days ago, Bandai Namco has announced the third DLC for its Open World Action RPG Dragon Ball Z: Kagarot. As you might expect, all sections of the Japanese company advertised the package, but the Latin American did it differently.

Bandai Namco Latin America Instagram page, attracted the attention of the Nintendo community Nintendo Switch (Game unavailable site) At the end of the latest Dragon Ball Z Gagarot Trunks DLC trailer. The logo is visible in the tweet below, as the internet will never forget.

The logo was later removed, according to Bandai Namco’s profile That was a mistake. We are not sure if this was actually a simple mistake or a future version of the trailer, which will be released following the announcement of the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

The footage also shows the logo for the Xbox Series X / S version, which has not been officially announced as Dragon Ball Z Gagarot is currently only available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.