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Captain Subasa: The new display is now available and Patch 1.20

Captain Subasa: The new display is now available and Patch 1.20

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however;

The Vision Training Program is now in place! Unfortunately, Subasa’s injury is not without consequences …
Your goal is to help Nangatsu win all of their League of Heroes matches with Ishizaki as interim captain! Ishizaki replaced Subasa as captain.

To win the league, he will use his courage to take the team to battle! Rio Ishisaki: Subasa’s best friend. They have been playing together since elementary school years.

Subasa Osora: The only, only star in the show. Subasa has won 3 national titles in a row by snatching victory in many difficult competitions at the National School Championships. However, he suffered an injury to his left leg and shoulder during the match.

Features of Nankatchu College Story Curve
In this new story scenario, the donation team faces several valuable schools, while the injured Subasa is snatched away. Ishisaki accepts the responsibilities of captain and leads the show. Subasa will join them for the final!

Call control is Subasa’s interest

You can trade up to five players in your party.

This technique is more effective than “Mizuki analysis”, but the number of its applications is less. Due to its limited applications, it is important to use it at the right time.

You were playing as a first year student at Nankatu College, but Subasa and his peers discovered your talent and now you have developed the beginner XI.

Connect with other players using the Subasa foot command!
This command can transfer up to five players on the call board. So you can focus on increasing the standards of friendship.

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Vision Training Support Challenge Begins!

Other News of the Day Instant attendance at the Musashi Event Contest!

Musashi training support campaign

During the campaign it will be easier to get skill points on the Musashi Middle School story curve in “Episode: New Heroes” and make it easier to develop talented players.

This campaign will be linked to participation conditions for next week’s event, so you can use this opportunity to train as much as possible!

・ Event Time 03/17 (Wednesday) – 03/23 (Mar) (TBD)

Musashi Event Competition

You can play a match with more than 8 characters from Musashi College or a team consisting of modified players trained in Musashi.

Event points can be earned based on the event win / lose result and a bonus will be awarded each time a player exceeds the specified point total. This bonus is exclusive to the event, so try to get as many points as possible!

・ Event Period : 03/24 (Wednesday) – 03/30 (to be confirmed)

Event Rewards:

Musashi uniform set for modified players
Limited logo of Jun Misuki
June Misuki’s limited friend card