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Nintendo support forums may close

Nintendo support forums may close

According to one Post on Reddit Closing Nintendo Maybe his Support-Foreign Final. The service has been around for over a decade, and although the company has not released an official announcement, it is said to have sent some emails to “top members” related to some upcoming news.

This post contains a long email message to the user discussing the decision to close the forums and offers the user a free download as a “thank you”.

The news says that the reason for this decision is that there are many other ways for gamers to “communicate with Nintendo”. – The post seems so true that it is not true.

This is the text of the alleged message Nintendo For the best members:

“With more than a decade of hosting a fun, secure community where Nintendo fans and new gamers can support each other with answers to technical questions about Nintendo’s products and services, we decided to add Close Nintendo Support Forums.

Going forward, we will focus on the many Nintendo support options that have expanded significantly over the past decade. As one of the best members of our community, we wanted you to be one of the first to learn about change. Most importantly, thank you for your commitment to the forums over the years and for helping so many players come back into the game. Your contributions not only had a positive effect on the members who answered your questions, but also had a positive impact on the thousands who visited the forums with the same questions.

As a small token of our appreciation, we would like to provide you with a free download code that you can use or share with a friend. We have our most popular first-party Nintendo titles for you to choose from. “

Time will tell if it turns out to be true, but the Japanese giant seems to shine when it comes Online support for Nintendo products Goes. At this point, people can only wait to hear the official word. If the forums go down, fans will have to look for other ways to get help in the future or find a new place to hang out with their Nintendo family.

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