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"Nintendo Switch": Livestream for new indie games announced

“Nintendo Switch”: Livestream for new indie games announced

What’s new in terms of “Nintendo Switch” games? Tomorrow we will find out, because the next official “Indy World” takes place on the Nintendo YouTube channel. At the same time, the company announced that the “Nintendo Switch Lite” game console will also be available in “blue” from May 7.

20 minute news about indie games

Nintendo will present the next “Indy World” tomorrow, Wednesday (April 14, 2021). For about 20 minutes, players are given a preview of the new games that will be available soon for the “Nintendo Switch”. Unfortunately, this time too, it was not exactly announced on which topic. Speculations and requests are being made on social media and the presentation will start at 6 pm on YouTube.

Nintendo Switch Light on Blue

Meanwhile, there are messages on the consoles as well. On May 7, the Nintendo Switch Light will be launched in blue across Europe. So far, only available in lightweight coral, yellow, gray and turquoise. As usual, all the titles in the Nintendo Switch range that supports portable mode can be played on the “Nintendo Switch Lite”.

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