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Nintendo Switch in the Fall

Wii users should be familiar with the topic Enclave: Shadows of Twilight Seems more familiar and everyone who had fun with medieval RPG in 2012 can look forward to it. Because Zigurat Interactive Now brings the updated version under the simple name Enclave Get it out This fall For that Nintendo SwitchThe PlayStation 4 and Xbox One should appear. The Enclave for Xbox was released in 2002, followed by the PC version in 2003 and finally the Wii version in 2012. Overall, the game More than 25 million Method sold. The New release
Improved graphics and sound effects, advanced soundtrack with more than 20 new titles, music restored from the original game’s soundtrack and more.


In Enclave, hundreds of years have passed since the magician Zale Cullenheim saved the people from impending defeat by the evil forces of Dreg’Atar. Now the cracks close and the extraordinary hero must stand up and fight. Can this eager adventurer fight for the light and kill the monster king Vader? Or will Selenheim be taken for granted by the forces of evil in the maze of darkness?

Key Features

  • Fascinating, fast-paced wars of the feudal era.
  • Excellent story scope including two different campaigns with alternative results.
  • More than 25 unique tasks and additional bonus content.
  • 12 different opening characters, each uniquely integrating elements of traditional writing classes.
  • Challenging boss enemies, each requires different tricks to defeat.
  • An interactive game training activates you quickly.
  • Three different level difficulties present the perfect challenge for each player.
  • Wealth of various weapons, collections, consumables and magic items.
  • The surprises in every corner keep you pursued by the triggers of dozens of scripted events.
  • Attractive soundtrack combined with atmospheric sound effects.

Enclave is a third-person RPG that features intense medieval wars, an epic recording and two separate, story-based movements in which the player fights for the forces of light or darkness. Each section offers six different character options such as Knights, Wizards and Druids on the side of light or Servants of Darkness such as Persers, Killers and Giants. Use the sword, magic and bow to fight your enemies and determine the future of Selenheim.

Do you know the original enclave and look forward to re-release?

Source: UberStrategist Newsletter

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