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Nintendo Switch fans line up the Jaycon chip with the cardboard box

Nintendo Switch fans line up the Jaycon chip with the cardboard box

A movie titled Nintendo Switch Fans says it will solve the sliding fun with the mini card box

Picture: Nintendo

Earlier this week, the video VK YouTube Channel Finally said From The constant harmful Joy-Con slip that affects countless Nintendo Switch fans. This is a talk Lots of home remedies Proved by pessimistic people who do not want to see -70-80. This video went viral because the method described actually works for some.

Joy Khan driftFor those lucky enough to never try this, there is a known drawback of analog joysticks from switch controllers. Over time, the controllers begin to act as if you were moving the stick in a certain direction when you did not touch anything. The light switch was not even objected to. Sucks!

The Special It is being absorbed as it has now been announced The switch does not elevate the OLED model What will be the first problem with the console. Provided by a Japanese company Quick repair and replacement solutions At no extra cost, but inserting the controllers and waiting for them to return is not a problem (or the whole controller, if you have a light switch), it really does not solve the source problem in production. Sometimes even Nintendo can’t fix it, and the company sends you the full Joy-Con A different color than the one you provided. Many ports Learn to live with itDespite luck Stick slides are now displayed on the next generation consoles.

OK, but what is this deadly effective method other than Nintendo’s incompetence? It turns out to be a small cardboard card. V.K. You can watch the channel to describe how they achieved this, but it only takes 10 minutes to explain. If you have less time, go at 6:35 p.m. If you do not have a cardboard box, keep in mind that everyone uses multiple sheets, business cards and suitable electronic tape. Basically, anything thin can be trimmed to fit the space shown below the video.

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Its simplicity is a little misleading. Many Foundation And this Known categories Considered , Many said they would do no good by swearing. The Joy-Khan slip seems to be more likely to be caused by a number of factors, which means there is no solution to the problem. Your slip can be caused by dirt or hardware contamination. It may be completely different.

While it’s hard to find the exact reason for your particular coupon, it’s an easy way to find out if the YouTube trick works for you. Control the tweet நதி_ குறிப்பு Per கோட்டாக்கு Before attempting to fix the paper, “make sure that the print on the envelope moves away from the chip as shown in the video”. If scrolling does not stop when you hit blanks on your console, it will not help.

A person presses the red Jaycon Nintendo switch to test the chip.

You should press down to check if this method works for you.
Screen shot: V.K.Sanal

There is a big drawback in opening consoles first. கோட்டாக்கு Employee Ethan Cache wanted to try the solution, but found that he did not have the right screwdriver. Also, there is a chance The warranty is not valid hereKnowing what you are doing can make Joy-Khan even more confused.

Again, beyond what the regulators have already denigrated, what should we lose? OneLone Goodsmith, the wrestling owner who pioneered the card system, said கோட்டாக்கு An email states that he has already tried some things since Joy-Khan stopped working in 2019. These include cleansing the bowels with alcohol and applying compressed air through regulators, both of which have helped some people overcome this problem in the past. The only reason he didn’t try many things was because he kept trying and instead bought alternative products instead of judging it to be broken hardware. Many people can do this, but since this is a widespread problem, this approach will soon become very expensive.

“I already have one IFixit Electronic Repair Kit It has the triangular piece needed to open the shell, ”he wrote, before describing the whole procedure. This is useful for those who want to try:

After removing the screws, carefully open both sides of the chassis because the straps are attached to the computer board and rail so they can talk when the joy-con switch is attached, but they can also charge the rail. As you enter, slowly lift the battery ிருந்து From there you will notice that there are some Philips screws holding the battery cell holder down.

When removed, it exposes the back of the joystick. From there I used two thin cardboard boxes to punch the recommended thickness 1 mm and changed the steps to seal them.

Triangular screws must be handled with care as there is a risk of removing them. This is not a bad idea See the guide on how to open consoles properly. But since fixing the card issues, he has used the console in that position for a day and it works well.

“I tried to force the slide by tapping the stick and pushing in the opposite direction,” he said. “Nothing.”

There is still uncertainty here. Yes, there are documented cases that people have tried, and there is evidence for everyone to say that this is legitimate. What we don’t know is how it works in the long run, because most people who make this change will only keep it for a few days. Although the card is running now, there are some concerns that it will worsen the problem in the long run. In case of any kind of damage or taxable issues, the card will accelerate the deterioration. It is worth considering whether these are useful months or years.

But while it is a temporary relief, it does not squeeze much game time from a broken console. At least it seems to be an approach taken on social media, with many sharing their experiences after watching the video with brief changes to Joy-Con. But hey, everyone was better than that Cartridges with licking switch, Is that correct?