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Nintendo-Switch-Controller im Kombi-Angebot bei Saturn reduziert

Nintendo Switch Deal: Joy-Cons and Super Mario Party are for sale

Playing together is twice as much fun, buying a deal together! Saturn currently has a good admission offer. When you buy the Nintendo Switch Joy Con 2-piece set in neon red and neon blue along with the “Super Mario Party” game, you save ten euros. It is also worth buying a combination of 2’s Joy-Con sets in other colors. It is important that you put both products in the shopping cart (all prices and information – until June 7, 2021).

Nintendo Switch Controller including Saturn Deal Game

  • Cheap and short delivery times on joint purchases
  • Joy-con package of 2 with wireless signal transmission
  • “Super Mario Party” with 80 new mini-games for four players

Saturn 2 for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons package

For the Super Mario party game for the combo offer

Best Saturn Offer for Switch Owners

Serves well with Joy-Con Package 2 for anyone who wants to play with family or friends. The controllers can be connected wirelessly to any Nintendo Switch console. You can use Joy-Cons independently of each other or as separate competitors with a suitable holder. Many switch games support this function – “Super Mario Party” is fully designed for the use of many joy-cons.

Fun with Super Mario Party

Classic board games with a difference? “Super Mario Party” offers fun with 80 new mini-games. Up to four players can hunt stars from the Nintendo universe into one of your favorite characters. You roll the dice and cross the pitch. Depending on the domain, you are triggering one of the mini-games.

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