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Nintendo Switch, diversi utenti segnalano problemi ai download dopo l’ultimo update con errore 2123-1502

Nintendo Switch, 2123-1502 Many users report download issues after a recent update with an error.

Something very rare happened earlier this week: Nintendo had to remove the firmware update Nintendo Switch For “Some connection issues and issues with inserting a new microSD card”. Kyoto House has finally started distributing the update, but something seems to be not working yet.

Nintendo Switch version 12.0.3 still has issues with bugs, as reported by many users in forums and Reddit 2123-1502 It appears that When a game or attempt to download on its own fails Update. The latest update to the Hybrid Console can cause problems downloading captions from the Nintendo eShop, but how can they be resolved?

The Nintendo’s official support site It is recommended to clear the cache of your Nintendo Switch or change the DNS, perhaps on Google. If the download fails, users report that “retry downloading” will eventually resolve the issue. At other times, it may be helpful to delete the WiFi settings and re-enter them.

We do not know when Nintendo will fix these connectivity issues in the Nintendo eShop, but we hope some players are not affected by the bug.

PSA: If you get an error code 2123-1502 while trying to download content, it is from the latest firmware update and currently cannot be fixed. From Nintendo Switch

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