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Nintendo Switch ஹ Nintendo Connect is now available head-to-head

Puzzle, Riddle, Fun – Who is the master among friends and family? This question will be answered from now on Big Brain Academy: Head to Head For the Nintendo Switch.

With Big Brain Academy: Head to Head With the Nintendo Switch, players can now demonstrate just how much brain power their gray cells have. Puzzle and puzzle game with various multiplayer modes, testing the ability to crack nuts with many tricky tasks. In five categories View, Memory, To analyze, Algebra And Picture For example, it is important to memorize the sequence of numbers, identify an animal that is slowly recognizable, or guide the train to its destination. Before you buy the game, you can also try the free demo version on the Nintendo eShop!

But a proper academy is certainly only complete with a proper professor. Therefore, the esteemed Professor Lobo hosts an unrelated event with German blogger, writer, journalist and copywriter Saska Lobo. Big Brain Academy: Head to Head. It evaluates the performance of the players and thereby determines their brain score. Through this they earn virtual coins so that they can buy new clothes for their character.

Up to four intelligent minds have the opportunity to compete with each other in humorous competitions on a console in the county. The little ones get a good chance to compete with the big ones, each can: r Choose a unique game. Anyone looking for an international comparison has the opportunity to do so. In Ghost Fight mode, the goal is to beat other players’ scores – be it your own friends list, family or Nintendo Switch fans around the world. Playing online requires internet access, Nintendo account and active Nintendo Switch online membership. If you want to practice a little before the next mental competition, you can repeat your favorite tasks at any time in the training mode to get higher scores and more medals. You will Big Brain Academy: Head to Head To buy? Write to us!

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