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Nintendo Switch புதிய New Hotel Simulation for Nintendo Connect Announced

Nintendo Switch புதிய New Hotel Simulation for Nintendo Connect Announced

Hotel Life – A Resort Simulator Hotel simulation game announced today by NACON and RingZero Game Studio. The game has to be loud News release August 26, 2021 PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch And PC commercially available.

The game is set in an attractive setting, in which players must build and operate the most attractive hotel inside, while ensuring that guest satisfaction is always at the forefront. Even the trailer Hotel Life – A Resort Simulator Can be found here:

As hotel managers, players have to make a variety of decisions. Starting from the location of the building and arranging the rooms, select the functions in the area. If the budget allows, additional bungalows, a pool or even a spa area can be built to provide a little extra for visitors. The decision about how attractive your own resort should be is entirely yours.

In Hotel life But it’s more than just managing the hotel. You have to clean the rooms, prepare food and pick up new visitors from the airport. Each newcomer is unique and has their own needs, so players must work meticulously and accurately to achieve the best ratings and results.

You can also hire a lot of staff to oversee things. The receptionists, bartenders and other staff will give you all the support you need to ensure the best experience for the audience.

There is also a professional mode that presents scripted tasks and events that become more and more challenging over time. Another special feature is that players can enjoy a day off and see the hotel and surrounding areas without the hustle and bustle.

Hotel Life – A Resort Simulator A hotel simulator will take you behind the scenes of a vacation vacation. You need to take care of the daily routine of the hotel, enhance its reputation and take care of the guests from check-in to check-out and entertain them with many activities.

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