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Nintendo setbacks, an addition was eventually removed

Nintendo setbacks, an addition was eventually removed

New information about the next big Pokmon game has been released and it tells us Pokemon Legends: Arcius Finally ignore the open world!

True to its principles, Nintendo Is very tight about his next big Pokemon installment. except this Scheduled for January 28, 2022 Within a few weeks of this release, fans will love the new information. They were just given … bad news.

Pokemon Legends: Arcius will not be in the open world

After some technical failures, we all imagined that this would be the first real open-world game in the Pokemon universe. Pokemon Sword and Shield. The Japanese company was voluntarily silent on the names, “he said.Living world“And”Incredibly free“(On the game page) .Now we know why.

Effect, Pokemon Legends: Arcius There will be no real open world, But will use larger areas to open as the story progresses. Between each of them, a load. For those interested, the mechanics will be the same as they are Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Where Monster hunterA kind of open-world but split so not so open.

Not comparable to Zelda Breath of the Wild

The feature of the open world then Abandoned, There will be other mechanics. For example, players can catch Pokமொmon in the jungle, and before entering battle they must think about their own Pokமொmon in safety until they are damaged.

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If there is any fun and plot in the new mode of playing more, Other options are mouth watering : Noble Pokemon, more direct combat, “free” movements and rich secondary motives …

In short, what to do in the next game Pokemon A true historical title. However, the approximations of the game Zelda Breathe of the Wild (And Its future sequel!) Since the latter was a real open world, it seems wrong Pokemon Only a few more years to be envied.