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Poll of the Week: Which retro platform is next in the Nintendo Switch online package? – Tower

Welcome to our survey for the last Sunday, the week before Christmas, which is a design that will hear your feedback on an interesting Nintendo topic. Like all other polls, we are starting to look back at previous polls.

Last week’s poll

We asked you last week if you’re excited about the many video game images currently on display. After all, movie adaptations of video games do not always meet with positive reviews from fans. Most of you, however, are very satisfied with the quality of many movie adaptations, and if the quality is the same, you are ready for more movie adaptations. Of course, some of you are totally against any work in video game movies. You can see how our users voted Past study.

Weekly poll

After Nintendo brought two more platforms to the Nintendo Switch online project with the Nintendo 64 and SEGA Mega Drive, many fans are waiting to release the next operating system. The rumor mill talks about Game Boy games as part of the subscription site. Rumors have not stopped us from saying which platform would you like to see next to the Nintendo Switch online platform. However, you only have one vote and we have listed all NIntendo sites that are over 10 years old in the survey. Let us know what you think in the poll and comments.

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