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Knuckles is said to be appearing in Sonic's second movie release

Knuckles is said to be appearing in Sonic’s second movie release

Knuckles the Echidna as seen in Sonic Mania Adventures (Image: Sega)

There is a new rumor that Knuckles The Echidna will appear on Sonic the Hedgehog’s second big screen trip. Not surprisingly considering he has been such a big part of the video game series since he first appeared Sonic the Hedgehog3, And taking into account some scenes from the original live-action Sonic movie.

This information came Illuminati website, Which shared an “exclusive update” that made the look of the copy look more like a cameo. Warning: In front of the original movie spoilers …

“Knuckles The Red Echidna will actually play a role in the second film. Many people thought that Knuckles might have a simple cameo look like the original tails. Sonic the Hedgehog2, It would be bigger than a cameo. “

Knuckles is obviously “true to his video game incarnation” – with the ability to slide and climb walls. The sequel is still looking for a voice actor whose personality is expected to be:

“His personality has been described to us as intense in nature, but sometimes even worse.”

The product is believed to star in a supporting role as “Randall”, who will only interact with human characters, and is said to be looking for an “A-list human cameo” to appear. Samuel L. Includes Jackson and Chris Rock.

Last month, a sequel to the Sonic movie was scheduled to begin production in March next year. According to Paramount, the film is set to release on April 8, 2022.