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Nintendo Switch Old, available on October 8th

Nintendo Switch Old, available on October 8th

It was on the afternoon of the first days of July that the Japanese company created the event with the surprising announcement of Switch Olet, until then known as Switch Pro or Switch 4K. This is the first response following Switch Old’s presentation that the integrated Tegra processor does not appear to have evolved, with specifications released by Nintendo outlining specifications, 1080p on TV, 720p in portable switch mode.

Nintendo Switch Old, Key Specifications

Between visible and / or confirmed changes, the Switch Old plays a white suit and the Old screen actually adopts the new 7 ” (17.8 cm) diagonal, as opposed to the 6.2 ” LCD model on the first switch. . The edges of the Switch Old screen also appear thinner.

Similarly, a new rear position, Microsoft surface type, is part of the game for the increased stability of the console placed on a support, but adjust its angle even more elegantly. In terms of connectivity, the TV has an HDMI output to connect the Old Switch, for example two USB ports and an Ethernet port for a truly stable connection during online play on the big TV screen. Finally, the internal memory, as expected, has been increased from 32GB to 64GB of the original model.

Nintendo Switch Old, evolution of shape, but not of substance

So the switch appears to be a cosmetic redesign of the Old Console Switch, but not the expected mid-generation product, or with advanced graphics capabilities and processor resources. Basically, rather than a change of background, above all, a change of shape with a bigger screen, new color and smaller size. It remains to be seen whether the Switch’s Ultra HD 4K variant is planned in the future with another console or with a new dock look …

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Importantly, the Nintendo Switch Old will be available from October 8th.