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Nintendo "Please" Rejects a Kanye West Game - Nert 4. Life

Nintendo “Please” Rejects a Kanye West Game – Nert 4. Life

Former President Nintendo Reggie Fills-Aim of the United States has expressed a desire to “politely reject” a job offer Kanye West, One who wanted to do Video game Joined Nintendo a few years ago.

According to a recent interview, Kanye actually visited E3’s Nintendo booth “many years ago” and was able to spend some time with them. Shikeru Miyamoto. Later, he requested a meeting with Reggie Fills, who met at the Connie’s office in Calabasas, California. Reggie explained it. “Part of the meeting is related to an idea that Kanye is working on. He was experimenting with a video game and wanted feedback. Then he said: ‘I want to work with Nintendo’. ”

We had so many projects on Nintendo that we couldn’t do anything with Kanye, I just had to find out A good way to reject his offer. I told him: ‘Kanye, we do not want to work with you because we are tough, tough. Everything we do is push for better content. We are not the partner you want to serve. ‘But he looked at me and said,’ Reggie, you’re the partner I’m looking for for that reason too! ‘

Although the project never saw daylight, Reggie and Nintendo realized that “Kanye was very interested in the world of video games: he was a true creator.” In 2015, Kanye revealed that he was doing a job The so-called “only one” game, In which the player is said to have guided the rapper’s mother Tonda to the “Gates of Heaven to provide light”. However, after the announcement, the program disappeared from circulation.

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