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Nintendo Player |  Pokemon: Post Malone's virtual concert released to celebrate 25th anniversary

Nintendo Player | Pokemon: Post Malone’s virtual concert released to celebrate 25th anniversary

Celebrations dedicated to the magical world continue unabated Pokemon Finally there is a lot of talk about the concert here Post Malone.

Pokemon Company Has released a video of the show Post Malone In his official profile Web light, In case 25esimo Year End Pokemon. The video, which lasts about 13 minutes and is made with computer graphics, is famous Austin Richard Post In art Post Malone Juggling with unrivaled class in the magical world Pokemon To the rhythm of the music.

But before you leave to watch the video, know that the surprises do not end here, Pokemon Company The last few hours have revealed more details about the concert dedicated to the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the franchise. In addition to what the singers announced and revealed J. Paulvin Will be one of the artists attending the best party Pokemon And program Music P25 In collaboration with the Universal Music Group.

The International Recatton superstar will be teaming up with the lead artist and pop icon Katy Perry, As well as Post Malone, in one year of collaborations and amazing endeavors, artists can be found matching the brand Pokemon. L Album Pokemon25 It will be released in digital edition by Universal Music Group’s Capitol Records at the end of the year, marking the culmination of the collaboration phase.

The album features 14 songs by 11 different Universal Music Group artists Katy Perry e J. Paulvin, With surprise card Post Malone “I Only Wanna Be With You” by Hottie and Blowfish in the 90s was a hit, performed for the first time during a virtual concert Music P25 Of Pokemon.

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