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Nintendo Player |  Monster Hunter Rise: New information shared and demo available tomorrow on Nintendo ESHAP

Nintendo Player | Monster Hunter Rise: Running the demo will provide a set of items throughout the game

Download the demo and play Monster Hunter Rice, Will allow you to get some exclusive items to use throughout the game.

For those who have not tried the demo Capcom, The message will come and entice you to download it immediately. In fact, if you run the demo, thank you for saving the data Nintendo Switch You will receive a set of items During the game The game will be released.

The set of products offered to demo players includes the following items:

  • 20 Mega Potions
  • 5 traps traps
  • 10 energy drinks
  • 5 Mega Dementrux
  • 5 mega armor

We remind you of the demo Monster Hunter Rice Get up January 31, The items listed above will only be available by running the demo and purchasing the full title. The entire game will be released worldwide March 26 In physical and digital version.

What are you waiting for? Run the demo to download!

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