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The shadow dragon and the blade of light

The shadow dragon and the blade of light

In the past

It begins with Princess Shiada of the Kingdom of Thalis fleeing to the Kingdom of Aldia, begging Prince Marty to help her reclaim the kingdom from the pirates of Gelter.

When this is done, the king, freed from the clutches of the enemy, realizes that this is the career of Doll’s tyrannical kingdom and, little by little, the prince (hence the warrior) realizes that this is a question of a great movement and will be forced to leave his kingdom, because he has resurrected the sorcerer Carnef – the shadow dragon who caused his father’s death. .

Henry’s descendant Marth – a warrior who defeated Medius in the past – hands over his kingdom to his sister Elise to seek refuge in Thalis. Once in Talisman, he must defeat the Sword of Light, the Falcon, and then the “Fire Symbol” (or fire symbol, it’s yours), while the enemy forces must conquer and conquer his kingdom at the same time as his sister. Armed with only these two objects, Mart can confront Medius, thus saving Aldia and his sister.

25 episodes and cards are all richer than the others

In total, less than 25 episodes await you throughout the game, or look forward to the fifty-hour game.

Castles, plains, lakes, deserts, mountains … the systems provided are as rich as they are diverse, allowing you to develop a variety of strategies to retain only one that allows you to defeat and defeat enemies. .

There is no room for error

Strategy is based on this topic. Each unit movement may play a decisive role in the course of the war. Moving her unit a square is dangerous, and when she dies, her fate is irreversible!

In addition, each unit has its own characteristics. Thus, each has its strengths and weaknesses, even the weapons / characters assigned to it play an important role, and the strategy to be followed is above all else.

For example: A knight moves slowly, has a strong resistance to physical attacks and is less prone to blows, especially by swords but generally by those attacked by darts. After all, he is very vulnerable to magic attacks. So this is a unit that should be placed in the front line during an attack, but it should be withdrawn if there are mages or bishops in the enemy line.

To create a good strategy, we need to take into account all these different parameters. Fortunately, the added new features (we’ll talk about that later) as well as the advice of the villagers we meet during the adventure can help you learn (again) about this feature by visiting the houses on the map Discover the series or not play for a while.

Finally, it is important to look at the map before defining its structure – it is not available from the beginning of the game because your army is not enough – depending on the existing enemies, your combination will be more or less against them, and the bad choices will often lose a unit. So this aspect also needs to be studied with a certain rigor, and your forces are less selective.

New features are welcome

With this port, new, most up-to-date features have been introduced into the game. Go to the game (“Fast-Forward Settings”), the title screen (“Reset Game”), switch the scene between the modern scene (classic) and the scene on the cathodic TV (Pixel Perfect), and finally go back to the thread of past twists (“Train Rewind”).

Added several options to find in the second menu, especially for the occasion when it appears when you press the X button on the controller.

Fire Symbol: Shadow Dragon & Sword of Light – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch09/01/2021

All of these modern options make the experience easier for beginners and early adopters, who do not have to start a single battle 15 times to avoid losing a unit. Good!

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