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Game Builder Garage

Become a Game Developer: Nintendo Announces Game Builder Garage for Nintendo Switch – ntower

If you’ve always dreamed of developing your own games, but you don’t have the training you need, mark it 11. June 2021 Thicker on the calendar: Like nowhere else, Nintendo has got something new Nintendo Switch Game With the title Game Builder Garage Informed you Create small games with the help of Nintendo and design them as you like Can. Check out the announcement trailer here:

Through GameBuilder Garage, the Japanese company seems to have expanded the idea of ​​the kit introduced at the Nintendo Lobo (Toy-Con Garage) and made it an independent game. Interactive guides Total 7 different games (My Game, Thrill Racer, Mystery Room, Dangerous Run, Alien Blaster, On Roll and Tag Showdown) are available, and you can assign some commands to your controller, design objects and environments and buttons. Basics of game design and visual programming To learn.

In addition to the touch screen and button controls, you can also work with compatible TV mode USB mouse is supported. Here are some pictures of Game Builder Garage:

Builder Garage Game Gallery

Fortunately, this is possible by exchanging codes Share your own games online with friends And vice versa, downloading games from the Internet. You can also use this feature Works in games with friends. Wants to view beautifully designed Official Game Builder Garage Website, Where it is known that the German language is supported, Up to 8 players Participate in the fun (details are not yet known) and the download size will be 10.5 gigabytes.

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Game Builder can do garage Small announcement There has been speculation recently about when the Nintendo Labo will be discontinued. What was your first impression of the game builder garage?