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Nintendo Marketing Manager advises to stay on the old model "if you do not like the screen"

Nintendo Marketing Manager advises to stay on the old model “if you do not like the screen”

As soon as it was announced, the Nintendo Switch OLED started discussions, sometimes fiercely, between those who were interested in this new version of the console and the frustrated players who were expecting a more powerful hardware fix. On the part of the manufacturer, we do not hesitate to advise against purchasing an OLED switch.

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While the console manufacturers’ goal is to sell as many copies of their engines as possible, at Nintendo, the new Switch LED says that all players, including those who already have one of the previous switch models, should be part of the unknown business strategy.

Anyway, this is what leads to believing a link that happened yesterday on Twitter Jesse RodrigoProduct Marketing Manager and Internet user at Nintendo in the United States (and previously seen on Treehouse Streams).

Nintendo Switch OLED when the latter asked him “Will change for the better“Current Switch, Jesse Rodrigo responded negatively and added a comment that could be spoken (posted by comments site VGC):

No. That’s why she’s not here. If you do not like the screen stay on the current switch.

Qualification to be honest

In other words, the comments he makes on Twitter are his and not Mario’s, not Nintendo’s), and he’s not sure he appreciates the way his boss presents things. .

That being said, the OLED switch is not here to “run better” than the current switch puzzle. This may really suggest that Nintendo is making another switch in parallel with the updated capabilities. The theory followed by many researchers and journalists.

Anyway, would be interesting to see Jesse Rodrigo Leave this tweet online or delete it in the coming hours. As a reminder, Nintendo confirmed That yesterday The processor under the Nintendo Switch OLED is the same as in the original switch. This new version of the hybrid console is planned October 8 Next.

Will these public statements from the Nintendo representative surprise you? Do you think this tweet will be online? Do you think Jesse Rodrigo is right? Tell us in the comments below.

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