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Nintendo makes it easy to download game updates even if you don't have storage

Nintendo makes it easy to download game updates even if you don’t have storage

Nintendo has updated the switch system to allow deleting a game’s data before downloading its update when storage is very small.

La Nintendo Switch

La Nintendo Switch

Although Nintendo has introduced its new Switch LED console, this is not the only innovation brought to the consoles by the Japanese manufacturer. The company has announced an update for its Nintendo Switch system.

This version 12.1.0 of the Nintendo Switch system, which will be available from July 5, is actually intended to make it easier to install game updates. If you download a game update, but your console does not have enough storage on its internal memory or micro SD card, you can delete old data before downloading to free up space.

Of course, that means Nintendo can no longer enjoy the updated game anymore, the old data has now been deleted.

Extra storage on the new OLED switch

Note that the Nintendo Switch offers limited internal storage with only 32GB. This is one of the major improvements that the new version of the console, the Nintendo Switch, integrates with the 64GB of storage. Of course, you can also install other games or updates using the microSD card holder.

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In addition to this new feature, Nintendo also announced “General computer stability improvementsThem without describing them further.

As always, to download the Nintendo Switch update in version 12.1.0, go to the console settings, then go to the console tab and select the “Console update” option.