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Nintendo Knuckles ‘Zelda’ fan game, usually

From Death dept

I tried it with Nintendo. Over the years, I have both complained about how tough and complicated the company is when it allows fans to express their interest in the form of games and content created by fans, as well as the company’s advice on how it can be a little more cool about all of this. Frustration really starts to boil over when you realize how cool content the world can be if Nintendo can find a way anyway No. Be as protective as possible and look for ways to work with fans to allow these kinds of things instead. To be clear, as I said in the past, Nintendo is definitely Can Act this way when it comes to how it treats its fans, but it doesn’t To Act this way.

But, in every job created by the fan when you jump in their own shadow like a toddler, I think you can’t help yourself. The latest evidence that Nintendo has not changed course comes in the form of the fan-created Zelda game placed on GitHub Nintendo quickly went downhill.

Celebrity Motor Case Emanuel, who has been releasing several unofficial Nintendo based programs for the past few years, introduced the title ‘The Missing Link’ earlier this year. The game uses the same engine from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and aims to bridge the gap between Okarina and later the N64 title, Zelda: Mazora’s Mask.

This game was acquired from GitHub, but was later removed following a copyright claim.

To do charity for Nintendo, there are no lawsuits so far in this story. Because the company was never ashamed, it was a kind of improvement. Again, Nintendo reserves the right to take this step. Degradation should at least nod to any question of whether this game has fair use.

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“The copyrighted works are video games owned by Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda Video Game, including The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (U.S. Copyright Reg. No. PA0000901848), The Legend of Zelda: The Mask of Majora (US). Copyright Registration No. PA0001940271), and others.

Nintendo has reviewed the reported content and does not believe it qualifies as a fair use of Nintendo’s copyrighted work. “

True, this story has no place to end. There are plenty of ways Nintendo can sanctify games and content created by these types of fans. Some arrangements can be made with the fans to make these fan-games official, thereby eliminating any concern for copyright protection. On the copyright page, the company may ignore these fan-games, as numerous other game studios do. Hell, if this is some currency corporate itch that needs scratching, Nintendo could even create a fan-creator project that allowed it to make a little money and turned into gaming content on these cult expressions.

But, no. Instead, the copyright downgrade comes out of demand, the game goes down, and the world is objectively a bit worse for it.

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