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Nintendo Switch Pro in 4K with DLSS 2.0, according to some insiders -

Nintendo invests heavily in research and development –

Nintendo Switch Pro Or either directly New console It seems to have been in development for some time within Nintendo Money invested In the field Research and development This is evident from the company’s latest financial data.

The close of the financial quarter proved to be huge again Success Nintendo Switch has recorded a staggering number of 84.59 million units since its launch and is poised to surpass PSO, Wii and PS3 by the end of 2021, with sales projections now surpassing 100 million.

However, the console is still one Half of its life cycle, Thinks clearly about Nintendo Future On the front as well Hardware, Which is evidenced by the huge investments coming out of the financial documents released yesterday.

During the financial meeting, the financial year 2020/2021 is now over, Nintendo has invested about $ 880 million In research and development, a field that explicitly covers the design of new hardware, but in any case refers to a specific activity in this area as a long-term investment.

The efforts of the research and development division have many areas to note, as well as the question and answer session with investors announced by Nintendo during the session, as reported in David Gibson’s tweets below.

“We are still in the middle of the switch life cycle, so costs for software outsourcing are rising, which is a primary factor, and costs for a game are rising,” says one response.

Nintendo also said it would investOnline infrastructure Nintendo Switch, but another response was very interesting: “Even though we’m still halfway through Switch’s life cycle, Invest in the next platform, Hardware and software will continue to be integrated “.

It is not very clear what such a definition means, but at least it clearly indicates that designs have begun on a new console. This Integration between hardware and software This refers to the design of a console in close contact with the development of internal video games, as is usually the case with Nintendo consoles, and perhaps the specific hardware solutions and development environment are different from others.