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Montauban.  Art is displayed on the walls

Montauban. Art is displayed on the walls

In the early 1980s and early 1990s, some stencils, graphs, and paintings appeared on the walls of Montauban … signaling the existence of a local alternative culture affected by the musical currents of the moment. The Ingres-Portelle Museum opened its way to public commissions for street art in 2009 through its corporate exhibition “Ingres and the Moderns”. During the event, artists took to the streets of the city and created several tributes to Jean-Auguste-Dominic Ingres. Prominent figures of urban art, including pioneers of this genre, intervene. A decade later, urban work is booming. The city and its famous images continue to inspire today’s artists.

During your walk, pay attention, a real graphic adventure monumental paintings or more sensible tags, awaits you in the tromb-l’o’il on the curve of an alley or mosaic. Find: MOG, Invader, Miss Dick or 100 Dorin works by Marika Gispers. To find your way, the Grand Montaban Tourism Office publishes a map of the city’s street art. To download from the site

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