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Is that all?  Windows 10X is suspended

Is that all? Windows 10X is suspended

Anyone who has been following Microsoft for a long time knows that an announcement, trailer or specific projects do not have to lead to product release. Now it looks like it will hit the new and lighter OS from Redmond with Windows 10X, This year should have really appeared for classic design factors like laptops in education. Microsoft wanted to stop the progress of ChromeOS and finally wanted to run a modern OS without legacy. For now, however, this will not work. If it appears occasionally.

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Windows 10X is suspended – Focus fully on the Sun Valley update

Like colleagues from Petrie According to the report, Microsoft has suspended the 10X indefinitely. The new OS had already been postponed several times. First, the new and flexible Windows 2020 should have appeared in conjunction with Surface Neo in the fall. We know, none of that came, and Neo has been postponed indefinitely. Now, at least for now, it seems you are making full use of the brakes.

Windows 10X

Jack, a well-known colleague at Windows Central, confirms the information based on his own sources. For example, Microsoft stopped testing with Windows 10X in February. Instead, the Redmond-based company now wants to fully focus on the well-known Windows 10 and see and operate it. So now the focus is on the Sun Fence renovation for fall, which should finally establish a consistent and modern look for Windows. Many components of the 10X have to find their way into the classic windows. So the previous work was at least not in vain. At Microsoft, it makes no sense to run a second OS and accumulate all the resources in Windows 10. When Windows 10X appears and when it appears will be completely open. It is very likely that in a few years Microsoft will announce the end of the 10X silently via a blog post. This will not be the first time.

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Via Windows Central