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Nintendo gets the next level of games

Nintendo gets the next level of games

The Canadian team will become a full-fledged “first party” on March 1, 2021

Perhaps completely unexpected but certainly justified with an action, especially in light Results obtained with Luigi Mansion 3, Nintendo announced today that it is in a processBuy the Canadian Next Level Game Development Team.

As stated in it Official documents The process will be completed by March 1, 2021 if all conditions are forecast.

This maneuver is not intended to bring about a specific increase in the related activities of the company, but to facilitate internal development practices and to more effectively share the knowledge gained by a team over many years. The Japanese school has nothing to be jealous of: it is overused with 3DS Luigi’s House2 Or tread the fields with Mario Strikers On the Wii, the quality never drops.

A dream for many … will it remain the same or will something change?

What can we expect from this news in the short term? In particular, considering the continuity shown, it is unlikely to change greatly Next level games A “second party”, but it is certainly a strong official recognition, which gives more confidence to all employees.

Anyway, yeah, we all have a Mario Strikers sequel … fingers crossed!

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