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Bandai Namco allowed to create new Pokemon Snap due to Pokemon Deccan • Nintendo merger

Bandai Namco allowed to create new Pokemon Snap due to Pokemon Deccan • Nintendo merger

Bandai Namco is the main responsible developer New Pokemon Snap. In the end, some Pokemon fans wondered why Game Freak or any other company was not responsible for this topic, which Haruki recently told Suzuki IGN Explained in more detail. According to Suzuki, the partnership with The Pokemon Company is based on their mission Pokemon Deccan Rediscovered.

In an interview with IGN, Haruki confirmed director Suzuki New Pokemon SnapParticipate in Bandai Namco’s efforts to manipulate the Pokemon world from Pokemon Deccan New Pokemon Snap Led to. However, HAL Labs is also the original creator Pokemon Snap, Is involved in the development of the spiritual heir.

Pokemon Deccan Improve the strength of Bandai Namco’s studio and make Pokமொmon attractive in a new way, ”said Suzuki. “That’s why we were given the opportunity to work together again, and that’s where it came from New Pokemon Snap. We can with developers [des ursprünglichen Spiels] Speaking of which, the new project started with the participation of many. “

Inside is a stadium Pokemon Deccan It’s called Nyos City, where you can discover the vast Pokமொmon world beyond the arena if you take your eyes off the battle for a moment. Pokemon and humans walking side by side on the street. Pokemon have shops, signs, vehicles and billboards to indicate that people live and work together. In another arena, a Magicorp festival is in full swing, while in another, Pokemon and people relax in City Square while your Pokemon fight with another. In the background a Woingeno is comfortable on a bench.

With all the focus on detail and, above all, more time focused on the fights at the forefront, it’s no wonder why Bandai Namco started to build New Pokemon Snap Appointed. Pokemon are not referred to as static figures on a battlefield, but are considered real creatures that will now come into its own. Started with Pokemon Snap On the Nintendo 64 Pokemon GO And this Pokemon Detective PicassoIn the movie, Pokemon wants to create new worlds and connect Pokemon more and more with the real world. Make yourself look more alive.

How alive is Pokemon New Pokemon Snap When they cross the beach, hide in caves or swim in the deep sea – from April 30, 2021, you will learn about this exclusively on the Nintendo Switch!