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Longing - TajBuch1 • Nintendo Connect

Longing – TajBuch1 • Nintendo Connect

I usually rate a game in a row because I have played it in detail. However, the recently released The Longing by Studio Chiefs is completely different. To complete the game, you must play or wait at least 400 days. You can find out what this is from The Longing in the first part of my game test.

Shade needs a cup of coffee

An ancient and powerful king sleeps deep under the earth and appoints a game character (named shadow) to monitor the ground for 400 days so he can get up again and fulfill the wishes of the shadow. You wonder how long 400 days a day lasts … well, these are real earth days. In theory, you can finish the title 400 days after the game starts. Comfort and Peace are the words I choose when playing the title. The shadow is advancing at a very slow pace, and it takes several minutes to climb the plane of the stairs. Not only does the stairs take longer, it also takes 2 minutes to fully open the door at the beginning of the game. Late items also need a lot of time before you can communicate or make progress in the cave. An algae that needs to catch the fall, according to the game, will grow “in about two weeks”. Little by little, the whole cave opens up and you can always find new corners to explore. You can do this using the touch screen of the Nintendo Switch. In this way, control of the system is best followed.