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Dans quelques jours, les abonnés Nintendo Switch Online pourront (re)découvrir un opus emblématique de la Nintendo 64.

Nintendo expands its Switch online list with Mario Golf 64

The popular Nintendo Switch Online Extra Pack continues its journey with a cult title from April 15th.

Just like those who love the seventh art, players are also nostalgic when they think of games that rocked their childhood. Fortunately, those who want to dive back into their most delicate years for a few games can now rely on Time Capsules: Game Boss. Thanks to Microsoft or Sony (Recently released the outlines of the new PlayStation Plus), Players can take advantage of subscriptions that allow them to find (again) the titles of previous generations.

After tennis, the famous plumber goes golf

Realizing the potential success, Nintendo has also landed in violation by introducing the Nintendo Switch online add-on pack. Unsatisfied with providing identity titles from the NES and Super NES, the Japanese company has recently made further progress by integrating the Nintendo 64 universe into this additional package. A few weeks ago, for example, the fans finished Rediscover one of Saga’s greatest works F-Zero. After making an exception last week with three games from the NES and Super NES, Nintendo will once again offer subscribers a title from the Nintendo 64 list. From April 15, it will be possible to rediscover a classic from the popular console: Mario Golf.

Unsatisfied with trying on football, tennis or the Olympics, the famous mustachioed plumber had his glory in green. If the graphics are too badly old, the title takes us back to the first hour of 3D because it keeps its festive atmosphere and its family game. With the good news, Nintendo has released a trailer that promises to bring some memories to the most nostalgic. As a reminder, Nintendo Switch Online Member + The extra pack costs € 39.99 per year, and குடும்ப 69.99 per family version (still per year).

The biggest hits of the Nintendo 64 to find through online subscription

For this comeback in green (While waiting for that Nintendo Switch Sports), Fans will discover the expanded cast of the Mario universe, not to mention the very traditional courses and strange landscapes that complement the popular ring and various game modes such as mini-golf, not to mention the musical composition of the prosperous Motoi Sakuraba. Must be indebted to the soundtrack of the game for example Dark souls And series Stories, Star Sea, Baden Guidos, Valkyrie profile And The golden sun. Such as Mario Golf, This is the fourteenth game to join the Nintendo Switch online add-on pack. For those who are more interested, the full list is currently included Banjo-Kasui, Dr. Mario64, F-Zero X, Mario Kart 64, Mario Tennis, Paper Mario, Sin & Punishment, Star Fox 64, Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: The Mask of Majora, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, WinBack: Secret Activities And Yoshi’s story.

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