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Nintendo does not want to support the OLED switch

Nintendo does not want to support the OLED switch

Like many hardware, Nintendo has been affected by the production of its primary console.

Early in its development, we learned that the company was going to produce 20% less consoles due to the current chip shortage. However, despite the manufacturing issues, Nintendo does not like one type of switch model over another. The OLED Switch, launched last month, is Nintendo’s big news this time around. However, at President Shundaro Furukawa’s financial decision conference today, resources will not be limited to this one version because its other two types – the original switch and the switch light – “respond to problems. Different needs”.

“We do not want to focus our purchasing resources solely on the OLED model. All three models cater to different customer needs. Sales of the original Switch and Lite model remain significant even after the release of the OLED model.”

“We can’t produce enough to meet the demand we expect next holiday season. There are currently no signs of improvement and the situation is serious, so I can not say how long this will last. “

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