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Nintendo Direct: Review the presentation of the new switch games

Nintendo Direct: Review the presentation of the new switch games

Nintendo is hosting its first live event of 2022 this Wednesday, February 9th, at 11pm. It will discuss the switch games planned for the first half of this year.

We are in February and the habit is coming back. This Wednesday, February 9th, the first live broadcast of Nintendo 2022 will take place. If you do not know, this is a conference focused on what’s new Click Is coming.

How to follow Nintendo Direct?

Nintendo doesn’t always think about our sleep with its live presentations. We will meet on Wednesday, February 9th at 11pm so you can not miss anything. We already know the duration of the event: 40 minutes.

  • When? Wednesday, February 9, 11pm French time;
  • Where? Right here, Nintendo’s website Or on Web light ;
  • How long will the event last? 40 minutes;
  • What is the plan? The Nintendo Conference focused on Nintendo Switch games from the first half.
Nintendo Direct February 9, 2022 // Source: Nintendo

Aside from the big surprise, you can forget about Breath of the Wild 2

40 minutes is mainly dedicated to Nintendo Switch games in the first half of 2022 ”: With this direct, Nintendo announced that it had passed 100 million switches were sold, Short-term objectives. Admittedly there is a lot to do on the console until June. Already confirmed: Triangular strategy (March 4), Advance Wars 1 + 2 Re-boot Camp (March 12) or Kirby and the forgotten world (March 25). There is no doubt that the Japanese company will pull some surprises out of its cap to improve its calendar.

Still, hope to find a release date To be continued The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Is small. Maybe we can get a little trailer (will it finally reveal its mysterious title?). We imagine Nintendo dedicating its entirety to this important topic and is highly anticipated by console owners – it will celebrate its fifth anniversary within a month.

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What we see is almost certain : Games to be released before June. Like Kirby and the forgotten world.

What we want to see : A release date Bioneta3, Announced in 2017 and re-spoken last September after a long silence. A release soon will be big news.

We want to see but it will not happen : The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 Coming out in a month Switch Pro.