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Nintendo Direct: All notifications and games in one movie - Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Direct: All notifications and games in one movie – Nintendo Switch

The February 9, 2022, Nintendo has unveiled its legacy Nintendo Direct Of Beginning of the year To indicate the list of upcoming games This year On Nintendo Switch. If there is one moment that fans are always looking forward to, it is a subtle exercise Nintendo Because there is a good line between buzzing and bad buzzing. Waiting for a clumsy or false advertisement or in vain and only needing disasters. Only this time: Miracle! Whether you are interested in the games provided or not, you need to recognize that Nintendo has saved it. Live Many announcements of new games, DLCs, details of already announced games and some release dates … Admittedly, Zelda is not and in the column Nintendo Switch Sports Made us do one Small Long regression from 15 years old But once it arrives, the choice is difficult, especially The Nintendo Switch promises that 2022 will truly explode ! If you miss this wonderful moment NintendoWorks, You can watch it again But above all Find all notifications With Our special message.

Following the release Nintendo Direct, Nintendo released A chart that combines all existing topics In the video; A great way to get an overview of the show. Find out This chart is here And as always, let us know what you think in the comments.

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