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Nintendo designs other animated images with its characters

Nintendo designs other animated images with its characters

Despite the 35 years he has been carrying on his back, Mario does not want to retire. Soon it will cross the boundaries of the video game Light CGI animated film (Hate me), Is the result of a collaboration between Chris Meledantri, founder of the animation studio, and Shikeru Miyamoto.

The release of the film is currently set for 2022, apparently it may be The beginning of a new chapter in the history of Nintendo. Last September, Kyoto House President Shundaro Furukawa had already expressed his desire to expand in other media, and in a recent interview with Fast, the launch of the Mario film could be the start of a bigger project, Bring other Nintendo owners into the world of animation. “Animation is, in general, something we like [Nintendo] We look forward to hearing from you soon [Mario]”, Said the President.

Furukawa has not delved into the matter, but there is no shortage of stories and characters from Nintendo Except for Pokemon, there will always be cross media. Zelda, with his wide range of products including Android and Starbox, to name a few – he will be spoiled for choice. Which Nintendo character wants to see the protagonist of a computer graphic animated film?

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