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« Nous avons pris connaissance de l’issue de notre appel, et nous allons évaluer dans les meilleurs délais les conséquences de cette décision pour notre activité ainsi que pour nos collaborateurs, pour les clients en France ainsi que pour les nombreuses TPE et PME françaises qui comptent sur Amazon pour développer leur activité. »

Future Nintendo Switch “Pro” exclusive games can be enjoyed

According to information leaked by an insider, the Nintendo Switch “Pro” will have exclusive titles compared to current models. A way to indicate that the future hybrid console will be very powerful, but very important to the Japanese manufacturer.

Source: Frontroid

The Nintendo Switch Will “Pro” be even more powerful? Opportunities only if you are allowed to watch 4K content on TV. But this extra logical power for a console celebrating its four years could have even more interesting consequences for players.

Third-party developers are already in the works

Opposes ‘S information Bloomberg About the upcoming arrival of the hybrid console version With a large Old screen and 4K support, a Internal Well known people have added some information about this future switch “Pro”.

In the forum Reset, Nate Drake, a man who often slips behind the scenes information on Nintendo, ” Especially separate from third-party partners. Probably not a lot “At least let someone know of his knowledge, without mentioning the name of the studio or game.

As a result, the user leaves other members of the forum and guesses potential games. If this announcement is not based on any rumors already in circulation, it deserves to be more credible than Nintendo’s past.

Features to boost, a Nintendo Habit

To carry its new devices, Kyoto has already offered some specials to its latest products in the past. It owns the version of the new Nintendo 3DS Limited edition From Genoplate chronology OrFire Icon Warriors(Since coming to Switzerland), two games that are not useful for Nintendo 3DS. The Nintendo DSI was able to take advantage of some of the titles, and then they replaced the simple Nintendo DS.

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One way to increase sales of its new products, but sometimes to simple questions about technical differences between two models of the same family, is that recent visits logically benefit from a more powerful processor that has more RAM or new functionality than their predecessors. () Downloaded NFC on the new 3DS for Amoeba, Browser and Games).

It may worry about the switch “Pro” compared to the classic or lite version. This is a way to show that it is above the domain and will not be a simple variant with an advanced screen and a more powerful processor.