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Touken Ranbu Warriors

Touken Ranbu Warrior’s latest trailer features additional gamble material – ntower

Muso games The crossroads between the Dynasty Warriors series and The Legend of Zelda franchise gained new popularity, especially in the West. The earlier narration of the story of the Japanese samurai does not reach everyone, but the heroes from Hirol know millions. The classic goes back Tucson Run Warriors, But with a special highlight. Instead of celebrities, you fight with their swords in the form of personality. These Tougen Danshi (“Swordsmen”) fight with an army that wants to change the past and thereby destroy the future.

Today publisher DMM Games and developer Omega Force not only released a new trailer, but also released another character. Omage, Takuma Terashima voiced, “A mysterious person holding an otacchi (big sword). Although he looks a bit fragile, he is calm and collected. He meets Mikazuki Munezika and the other “honmaru” Tougen Tanshi, but … “

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Are you going to buy the Touken Ranbu Warriors on May 24, 2022 at the Nintendo ESH Nintendo Switch?

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