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Nintendo confirms that a new console will be produced

Nintendo confirms that a new console will be produced

Big N ensures that its future passes through video games and consoles. The release date of these future Nintendo machines is also given in the report, but you will not like it.

Nintendo Switch 4K, Nintendo Switch Pro, Nintendo Switch SSJ4 Full Force Unleashed, As finally revealed Replace the OLED Knows many names by rumors. To end as one New model of “normal switch”, Additionally with OLED screen, duration. But Nintendo still has some of its sleeve and rumors of hybrid consoles in 4K or higher upgrades can still be proven despite the release of the Big N’s new engine.

In fact, in Latest brand activity report, Japanese publisher Refers to planning the construction of a new console. However, company reports do not explain whether it was built in the switch range or finally competed with the new generation.

Nintendo plans to continue to grow its business around the core concept of developing hardware and software products.

We look for a good circle of our hardware-software marketplace and Nintendo account-based services and content delivery, in which relationships with more consumers are built and strengthened to build long-term mutually positive relationships.

Nintendo did not specify any actual deadline for viewing this new product, the content to be announced Console for “20XX”. The good news, then, is that we are in this century.

So to speak, Nintendo confirms it Home consoles (or hybrids) will continue to be in the game in the future and are not looking to the future like Sega. This is very common when we look at the body sales statistics of its exclusive games The range of its consoles.

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The report also confirms the arrival Donkey Kong en 2024 à Universal Studios Japan, But areas related to Hollywood, Orlando and the new Nintendo in Singapore, Universal’s three other theme parks.