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In Tonking's 40 years, Nintendo sees big things

In Tonking’s 40 years, Nintendo sees big things

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Dongkong first appeared in 1981 as Jumpman’s (formerly Mario) final opponent. So it is 40 years since the birth of Nintendo’s famous Gorilla. Opportunity to celebrate his birthday in the most luxurious way!

Donkey Donkey Kong saw success in the Country Series. However, the last big barrel throwing monkey game, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, in Wei Yu, the donkey is becoming very rare. Still, a Donkey Kong country is said to have been in development for about two years. The project was recently handed over to the Nintendo EPD (Super Mario Odyssey) team.

However, Nintendo Forty candles of our beloved donkey seem to be made with great fanfare. In fact, according to Chippo: “Donkey and company are not going to get a new game.” So according to its sources, it is an animated project around Gorilla, which is questionable without us knowing whether it is a movie or a series. In addition, the park Super Nintendo World It opened in Japan An attraction that highlights tonking. Nintendo will also offer several derivative products.

“This new game is not just a shot. DK is again being taken seriously by the big me. That should be good news for his fans.”, Continue Chippo.

So far, Nintendo has not made any announcement about the donkey’s 40th birthday. But it shouldn’t be long before DK blows his candle on July 9, 2021.