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Ninjala Anime

Ninjala: The anime of the same name will soon follow – ntower

GungHo Entertainment is the eighth season of their shooter Ninjala Provided, at the same time became together An extension of the animation Announced. Fans can watch the first episode next week Web light Look at it. As with previous episodes, they appear on the game’s official channel (We were informed) Players can expect to see the characters of Burden, Pereka, Ron, Vaughan, Emma, ​​Jane, Cape and Lucy again. In this country, the first chapter appears Jan. 14 at 4 p.m. In the early morning. Episodes are only available for a week on YouTube, so don’t wait too long.

On the official website, the anime is featured as follows:


“Ninja gum, a substance known to strengthen the power of the inhabitants Shinobi and expel them …

Burton, Bereka and Ron, three researchers from the World Ninja Association (WNA), took it upon themselves to secretly create this object. Unfortunately, they were only able to create one failure after another.

But after three years of testing, they were finally able to make ninja gum!

Ninja, an intense ninja fighting competition that uses ninja gum, is held to find the mighty Shinobi, but behind the scenes events and conspiracies involving ninja gum and the presence of unknown creatures occur.

The Ninjala Anime Series with the game’s eight main characters (Burton, Pereka, Ron, Von, Emma, ​​Jane, Cupe and Lucy) and Kumchi begins now! “

Are you going to watch a sequel to Ninjala Anime?

Source: Ninjala-Website

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