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Nintendo Switch OLED Burn-in-Test • Nintendo Connect

Nintendo Switch OLED Burn-in-Test • Nintendo Connect

A YouTuber recently tested the final Nintendo Switch OLED burn-in, which ran “1800 hours straight”.

Before the release of the latest Nintendo Switch model, a YouTuber talked about the OLED screen burn-in problem. According to him, you should be aware that this problem exists – but if you enable automatic brightness, often play something else, or use stand-by mode when the console is not in active use, you really should not have one. There are burning problems.

Since it was released in October last year, we have not noticed burned images on our OLED systems or heard anything like that from the community. But what insight does YouTube ‘Wolf Ten’ give us? Nintendo switches on its own OLED model for over 1,800 hours and sees what happens. The test creates a static game screenshot The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild And Hori Split Bat. This special controller is used to keep the computer alert without affecting the automatic dimming of the screen. So what is the result?

There was no significant difference in the color experiments I conducted. I was also able to determine that after about 2000 hours there were no signs of burns. The only difference you can see is the white on the roof of the sanctuary. It is very slightly dark and has a slight greenish tinge to the bluish white.[…][…]If you’re worried about your Nintendo Switch OLED screen burn-in, and you spend about 2000 hours on a game, I think you might relax a bit. I do not think this is a practical problem for anyone. I think in 10 more years we will see the home screen burned out in plain white mode, but nothing to worry about.

What do you have? Have you already discovered that burning rather than testing?

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