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Will Nintendo switch to the next generation at the expense of the Switch Pro?

Will Nintendo switch to the next generation at the expense of the Switch Pro?

There was a lot of talk about this famous “New Nintendo Switch Pro 4K EX Ultra Definitive Edition”, a rumor that came out of the console, which intensified in the middle of last year with the arrival of Nintendo. Replace the OLED.

While many were looking forward to creating a console hardware change, the OLED model at least changed the console screen, upgraded its speaker and doubled its internal memory and allowed 32GB of additional games to be installed in comparison. For the previous version.

As a result, some analysts are beginning to think that the release of the Nintendo Switch Pro could be compromised, and today Pierce Harding-Rolls is relying on our colleagues across the Atlantic., Suggests his doubts about the revision of the current console.
According to him (which is definitely speculation) the Nintendo Switch Pro will not come in 2022, which may even be dropped in favor of Nintendo’s next generation home console. This, according to the analyst, could show itself at the end of 2024.

According to him, Pierce goes a little further by announcing that the Nintendo Switch will sell for another 21 million copies by 2022, especially with the help of the recently released OLED model.

What do you think? Do you see the console power overhaul appearing by 2023 or will the Nintendo Switch radio be quiet and focus on a few games before departure?